The Lodged recommended that the Grand Master be authorized to confer with the Grand Worthy Matron and arrange a basis of action, so that the Grand Lodge may give to the Grand Courts or Chapters recognition and support.  Another resolution made by Brother A. E. Mayzeek stated:

Whereas, in view of the fact that there exists within the Jurisdiction Courts and Chapters of the Order of Eastern Star, and they desiring to infuse new life into Adoptive Masonry and to encourage progressive tendencies among our sanguine relative: therefore be it resolved, that this Grand Body extend recognition to such Chapters of the Order of Eastern Star, as may exist within the Jurisdiction: provided that the act shall in no way be construed as withdrawing recognition from the Grand Court and no Court standing suspended from the Grand Court be entitled to such recognition as a chapter.”

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Charles Steele, upon the unanimous adoption of the resolution appointed the following committee to meet with a similar one from the Order of Eastern Star Courts. They were to design a plan whereby the two Grand Bodies would meet at the same time and place in their annual sessions, and have communications, each with the other, for mutual benefit and fraternal social contact.
  Brothers: E.W.S. Hammond, Chairman; A.E. Meyzeek, David Steward, M.T. Clay and Edward Chennault, were appointed by the Grand Lodge.  The committee members from the Courts are not known.


The Declaration made in 1893 in Georgetown, Kentucky by Brother Charles Steele and the passing of the Resolution in Danville, Kentucky in 1894 resulted in the institution of the Grand Chapter in 1895 in Frankfort, Kentucky.


William H. Steward Tellman D. Johnson
Petter R. Cabell, Jr. George W. Ray, Jr.
Marshall T. Clay William T. Gilbert
William H. Bullitt William M. Wood
Edward B. Davis John W. Delaney
Jackson M. Mundy Lawrence Montgomery
R.B. White Samuel W. Mayes
J.E. Kuykendall Allie C. Carr
E.J. Martin Frank K. Brown
T.T. Wendell John W. Freeman
William H. Wolfe Leroy Farris
L.A. Bryant Robert B. Kendall, Jr.
William H. Perry, Sr. James I. Montgomery
Charles H. Howe Donald E. Owsley
Augustus Ford Fred Street
Scott Jameson, Jr. Pink J. Garner
Hugh R. Harlan, Jr.

Since then the Eastern Star has been welcomed, assisted and advised by the Most Worshipful Grand Masters of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Jurisdiction of Kentucky.  Cecelia Dunlap Grand Chapter, Grand Officers have, in turn, accepted and welcomed the assistance and have worked harmoniously with the following Grand Masters: